Harmar’s Resources for Veterans

At Harmar we believe in supporting you on your journey. Our products are proudly built and supported right here in the USA, to help you and your loved ones maintain freedom, independence and dignity. Harmar – We Lift Lives.

Understanding Your Options

If you’re just beginning your mobility journey, take a look at our product catalogs to help you get a better understanding of the solutions out there. Note: You may download these from your computer and keep for future reference.

Product Catalogs


In addition to mobility device transportation options, we also offer a full line of home accessibility solutions including stair lifts and platform lifts.

To see if you may be eligible for the types of products Harmar makes, through the Veteran Administration System, please see your local VA Hospital.

Your general VA doctor will likely refer you to a Physical Therapist or a representative in the Prosthetic’s Department to determine eligibility.

Hitch-Mounted Lift

This style of vehicle lift is attached to the vehicle by means of a hitch, and carries the mobility device on the back of the vehicle. Hitch-mounted lifts tend to have the easiest level of user difficulty, making it a great universal option.

HA SL600 Lifestyle

Stair Lift

Stair lifts are a great option for limited or full transfer patients to safely gain access throughout a multi-level home. While a straight rail is most common, there are also custom curved options available for stairs with curves or a middle landing.

Hoist Lift

This style of mobility device lift consists of a hoist mechanism that swings outside the vehicle to load and lift the device into the vehicle. This option is typically available in the cargo area of an SUV or van, or the bed of a pick-up truck.

Vertical Platform Lift - Vertical

Platform Lift

Vertical Platform Lifts or Porch Lifts are great options to provide access to a home without leaving your mobility device. Typically paired near stairs or leading to a deck, you drive onto the platform and use the simple controls to raise and lower yourself.