Thank Goodness for the Smart People

I was speaking to a customer the other day and he mentioned that he could not trust the news anymore. “They are all out for the latest scoops and don’t care what they print. That goes for both the liberal and the conservative press”, he said. 

I get it. 

Everyone is just guessing right now. No one knows when the curve will be flattened, whether the virus will bounce back after the states re-open, or if we can achieve a herd immunity without killing millions of people. I have tried flipping between CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and the NYT to see if I can balance out the opinions and find my own version of the truth. A lot of wasted time. What I have found encouraging though is that it’s not just the government and large pharmaceuticals working on this.

For example, the Scientists To Stop Covid-19, a group of America’s top scientists, interested billionaires and industry titans that say they have an answer to how we manage through the virus. This group outlines a plan in 4 phases including:

  • Immediately start with repurposed drug treatments like Remdesivir,
  • By Fall of 2020 launch antibody therapies which can act like a short-term vaccine
  • By Spring of 2021 have a vaccine available for general use
  • By Fall of 2020 allow schools and businesses to be fully open by enacting a testing plan, rigorous self-reporting of symptoms and use of PPE.

Or Bill Gates, who believes a vaccine could be ready by September 2021 if not sooner. His charitable organization spends half its resources on these types of issues. They are tracking 100 different groups working on treatments, and a hundred groups working on vaccines. They are investing in many of these. Bill says “it is key to look at each project to see not only its chance of working but also the odds that it can be scaled up to help the entire world.” A noble goal.

Like you, I am concerned about the impact this virus has on our families, friends, and businesses. Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” We are going to need lots of failures to figure this out. I am glad there are some smart people on the case. 


Steve Dawson

CEO, Harmar Mobility