Upgrade Your Pinnacle!

SL300 and SL600 Pinnacles are available with folding rail technology, eliminating the tripping hazard at the bottom landing. The automatic folding rail requires no extra button or levers, yet it‘s simple mechanical design provides better reliability.

For instances where the rail will stick out in a client‘s walkway, folding rails are essential to a safe application.



SL600 Pinnacle

Featuring a full-size seat, padded armrests and extra safety features, Pinnacle SL600 proves its reputation of being above the rest. Proven technology provides a reliable product you can depend on. Your customers will love our new, Limited Lifetime Warranty too.


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Harmar - Pinnacle Stair Lift SL300

SL300 Pinnacle

With the same unique, patented drive system found in our Pinnacle family of products, users can enjoy a smooth and worry-free ride on an SL300 Stair Lift. This competitively-priced Pinnacle allows more users the opportunity of greater home access.


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