Why I Like Podcasts (and I think you will too!)

Podcasts are fun and easy to way to learn or be entertained. For those new to this media type, podcasting is essentially recorded talk radio. You might be surprised that there are over 1,000,000 podcasts with over 30 million episodes. Wow!

Why do I like podcasts?

1) Free and Easy – The podcast app is on your phone already. I like to listen while I drive. I tend to get bored with music after a while and listening to a podcast is a nice change. Podcasts are also a great way to pass the time while you are doing mindless things like cleaning, cutting the lawn, or waiting in the Doctor’s office. You can listen to them anywhere.

2) Grow – Learn about new topics, or brush up on old ones with little effort. If you’re busy running your business and struggling to keep up with a book list, podcasts are a great alternative!

  • One of my favorites is Jeff Brown’s Read to Lead Podcast. He interviews top business authors about their books.
  • Want to learn about real estate investing while you walk? Try the Bigger Pockets podcast.
  • Learn new languages, catch up on the latest technology, or learn a new industry.

3) Variety – Podcasts exist for almost any topic you can imagine. Most podcasts are interviews or conversations rather than stories. Topics run a huge spectrum, nearly anything you’re interested in; psychology, motivation, organization, music, family topics, even astro physics and quantum mechanics!

  • Do you like wine? Try Wine for Normal People.
  • Sports fans – try the Bill Simmons Podcast (most downloaded podcast of all time).
  • Entertainment or comedy? How about Joe Rogan’s podcast. (By the way, he just signed a multi-year deal with Spotify worth $100 million according to the Wall Street Journal. Yes, the same guy that announces the big UFC fights.)
  • Needless to say, podcasting is big business. I like Tim Ferriss’ podcast a lot too. Especially episode #60 where he interviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • And finally, Gretchen Rubin’s Happier podcast offers lots of helpful information, book recommendations, and inspiring commentary.

You can find an Apple or Google podcast app on virtually every phone or use one of the other independent podcast apps available. And don’t forget, podcasts themselves are free. All you have to do is search up some topics that interest you and tap the follow button. Episodes get automatically downloaded until you tell them to stop.

Give podcasting a shot, you might be surprised!