I read a lot. Maybe too much. I do most of my reading on the Kindle app on my phone. I get in trouble when my wife catches me reading during dinner while we’re discussing my weekend “assignments”. 

My interests are varied. I enjoy science and military fiction, history, biographies, and business books. 

Lots of business books. 

I especially love stories about building businesses. When I read business books, I tend not to read the whole book. My process is pretty simple. First, if I am considering a book I find a book summary online or on Blinkist (book summary service). Once I decide I want to read the book, I usually buy the kindle version. I check out the table of contents and then skim the book. Then, I read the sections that interest me and highlight them. If I really get into the book, I may decide to buy the physical book and highlight and go deeper. Whichever book format I choose I take notes along the way and summarize them in Microsoft OneNote. I get the key points of the book but don’t spend more than 1 – 2 hours reading. 

I thought I would share with you 5 books that I enjoyed. 

Right now I am reading the Future is Faster than You Think by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. Soon we will be using flying Uber air cars!

Which books have you enjoyed? Feel free to reply and share! I am always looking for more. 

Steve Dawson