• Suitcase Ramp

Portable/Suitcase Ramps

Sturdy Aluminum Ramps for a non-permanent Solution

  • Homes (Residential)

Harmar’s Portable Ramps (also known as Suitcase Ramps) provide a simple, portable solution for use at your home  or when you travel to others.  Use your mobility device smoothly while eliminating trip hazards.

Single Fold Ramps:

  • SFW230     24″L X 30″W (Folds to 24″L x 16″W) Weight: 10 lb
  • SFW330     36″L X 30″W (Folds to 36″L x 16″W) Weight: 15 lb
  • SFW430     48″L X 30″W (Folds to 48″L x 16″W) Weight: 20 lb
  • SFW530     60″L X 30″W (Folds to 60″L x 16″W) Weight: 24 lb

Multi-Fold Ramps

  • WCR530    60″L X 30″W (Folds to 32.3″L x 16″W) Weight: 34 lb
  • WCR630     72″L X 30″W (Folds to 38.3″L x 16″W) Weight: 40 lb
  • WCR730     84″L X 30″W (Folds to 44.3″L x 16″W) Weight: 44 lb
  • WCR830     96″L X 30″W (Folds to 50.8″L x 16″W) Weight: 52 lb
  • Lightweight aluminum construction with non-slip surface
  • Folds securely for maximum portability
  • Multi-fold ramps separate into two-pieces for easy carrying
  • Can be deployed or assembled with no tools
  • Side panels aid in proper wheel alignment
  • Weight Capacity
    600 lb
  • Warranty

California Prop 65 Warning Notice

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Portable/Suitcase Ramps