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Highlander II


  • Homes (Residential)
  • Commercial
  • Houses of Worship

The Highlander II represents a new generation and evolution in VPL’s. New technologies introduced in the Highlander II make this VPL series more reliable, easier to use, easier to service, easier to troubleshoot, and the premiere market choice for platform lift solutions.

There is Only One Highlander

Innovation is at the heart of this next generation Vertical Platform Lift. The Highlander II is an outstanding choice for vertical lifting solutions in the home or in light commercial settings where an elevator is impractical or unnecessary.

HME Business 2021 New Product Award Winner

  • Guardian System
  • Smart Sense Technology
  • Universal Drive System
  • Maximum Capacity
    750 lb (340.2 kg)
  • Power Source
    • Fully Sealed
    • 2/3 hp 90V DC Motor
  • Maximum Lifting Height
    Up to 171" (434.3 cm)
  • Overspeed Brake
  • Lift Speed
    10 FPM (Feet Per Minute)
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