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Key Headlines – April 2

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Training for DME/HME Professionals (Source: dmetrain) As popular source of education and training for the DME industry, dmetrain is offering a free course on protecting your employees and patients from COVID-19. Contactless Installation & Visits (Source: Harmar) From our VP of Sales, Todd Bick, learn more about providing safe in-home product installations and […]

Key Headlines – March 30

Maryland and Virginia governors issue stay-at-home orders (Source: Washington Post) Governors Hogan and Northam issue stay-at-home orders, now bringing the total to 27 states with similar orders. This includes only essential businesses to stay open, and only leaving the home for essential purposes. GUIDANCE ON THE ESSENTIAL CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE WORKFORCE (Source: CISA) Under the authority […]

Key Headlines – March 27

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources (Source: SBA) Directly from the Small Business Administration, review the resources and loan programs you may have access to now to avoid disruption in your business. COVID-19: $800+ million to support small businesses and crisis response (Source: Google’s The Keyword) If you’ve had an active Google Ads […]

Recommendations for Virtual Consultations

We’ve outlined some helpful suggestions for virtual evaluations and consultations. These will need to be tailored to fit your business, know that we are here to help you during these difficult times. (See our earlier tips for home visits) Virtual Evaluations: Virtual evaluations aren’t a new strategy for us. We’ve been executing remotely and virtually […]

Key Headlines – March 26

VA Issues Exemption Memo The Department of Veterans Affairs has issued a carry letter for contractors that directly support the efforts of the VA. This allows contractors to be providing their essential service even during shelter-in-place orders. Here is that letter. NMEDA Hosts Town Hall Webinar NMEDA will host a Town Hall style Webinar for […]

Key Headlines – March 25

Senate Plans Vote on $2 Trillion Stimulus Bill After Sealing Bipartisan Deal(Source: New York Times) Congress makes great strides on a bill that includes direct payments to citizens, allotting $1,200 to individuals, $2,400 to families and $500 per child. This includes those on a fixed income who may have needed medical equipment but did not […]

Key Headlines – March 24

More than half of US population will be under orders to stay home by midweek (Source: Washington Examiner) Total of 18 states have orders in place, amounting to 54% of the population by mid-week. As more and more states implement shelter-in-place policies, critical business prepared to serve clients in the home become even more important. […]

Key Headlines – March 23

Michigan Issues Shelter-in-place order. (Source: Detroit Free Press) The order does include language on some exceptions, that may allow business to continue operation, but with limited capacity. Delaware Issues Shelter Inplace to be effective March 24th. (Source: Delaware.gov) Delawares order includes comprehensive list of business that can still operate.