Key Headlines – March 30

Maryland and Virginia governors issue stay-at-home orders (Source: Washington Post)

Governors Hogan and Northam issue stay-at-home orders, now bringing the total to 27 states with similar orders. This includes only essential businesses to stay open, and only leaving the home for essential purposes.


Under the authority of the Secretary of Homeland Security as instructed by the President, The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) published a list of essential businesses and functions over the weekend, designed to be advisory for local, state and federal governments in “ensuring continuity of functions critical to public health and safety.” Consistent with stay-at-home orders already in place, “distributors of medical equipment” are essential.

Request To Be Considered an Essential Business (Source: NCDOR)

While North Carolina’s stay-at-home order issued over the weekend does include “medical device and equipment,” the state’s Department of Revenue is offering a request form to be an considered essential business… offering greater peace-of-mind if you feel necessary.