EQ-03LP-40-WP-12 Equalizer 3 - Axis Inside Lift


The Equalizer 3 - Axis Inside Lift adds a powered boom with 12” of additional reach required to clear the rear bumper of larger vehicles, as well as handle the largest possible power chair or scooter into the smallest vehicle openings. The Equalizer 3 - Axis Inside Lift offers the ergonomic hand control and two wireless key fobs.

More versatile and flexible than any other inside van and pick-up truck lift on the market today. Adapts to most mini-vans, full sized vans, SUV’s and pick-up trucks. Fits other specialty vehicles such as the Chrysler PT Cruiser.

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  • Power Lift, Power Rotate, and Power Extend
  • 400 Lbs. Lifting Capacity Adjustable Column Height
  • Coastal Community Finish for improved corrosion resistance
  • Manual Rotation Release in event of power failure
  • 12” Boom Extension
  • Low Profile Model Available for Smaller Crossover Vehicles
  • LP = Low Profile
  • Maximum Lifting Capacity 400lbs
  • Weight of Lift 114lbs
  • Maximum Lifting Height 39" at Horizontal Boom Position
  • Minimum Lifting Height 31" at Horizontal Boom Position
  • Range of Boom Adjustment 12" Powered from 21" to 33"
  • Arm Angle Adjustment 5 Degree Increments from Horizontal to 35+
  • Column Rotation 180 Degree Adj. at +/- 20 Degree Increments
  • Base Leg Adjustment 180 Degree Total Adjustment