Customer Convenience

  • "I love this lift! Before we had this lift we used manual tri-fold ramps to load my wheelchair, and they were the most difficult things to deal with. Thank you, Harmar! BTW, I am a 22 year old physically disabled male. This lift isn't just for grandma/grandpa!

    I'm delighted by just how easy to use this lift is! The automatic hold-down arm is a great feature, plus I love how the lift folds on its own when my scooter is not on there."  Angeline Schmidt

  • "We wanted a lift that would fit in our minivan and be easy to for us to operate when loading and unloading my husbands power chair. The AL600 was our first choice, its is so easy for my husband or me to operate and we are able to retain use of the second row of seats, which is especially nice when we have our grandkids over!"

    Roxy Brennan

  • "Recently I contacted your company in regards to a problem with a lift in a house that I am caretaker at in the Florida Keys. You connected me to 2 of your technicians that I cannot give any more praise to for walking me thru the process and eventually solving the problem. They spent all the time that I needed and not once did I notice a tone of just trying to hurry the process to get rid of me. You have restored my faith in customer service. I can't thank you enough."  Jerry Bessemer

  • "Our daughter is a beautiful 11 and 1/2 year old young lady with Spastic Quadraplegic Cerebral Palsy. She cannot sit up, hold her head up or even talk. But her smiles and laughter say it all. We saw lots happiness and excitement when we recently acquired our new AquaJoy Bathlift. She was able to take her first bath in over 3 years. The AquaJoy comes with several accessories that gives her the full support she needs so that I dont have to worry that she will fall or slip under the water. It has just the right amount of tilt, it is impossible for her to sit up straight. And very importantly for my back, it raises her up and out of the water and makes for an easy transfer in and out of the tub. I would recommend this product!"

  • "I was the person you sent the model AL560 to thru the VA. I have a pronto M91 chair and we were trying it to see how it worked as we are older and have arthritis. First let me say how wonderful the woman who set this up was, many many thanks to her. It works absolutely perfect, no trouble whatsoever. It’s a perfect fit for older people. Thanks again to all who made this happen."  Donald Wright

  • “Our lift arrived in excellent condition, the packaging quality was great. When the job was all done and my wife took her first ride, afterwards she said "This has restored some of my lost freedom".   Gordon

  • "There are no words that are adequate in telling how the chair stair lift has helped me and changed my life. John made the whole experience so pleasant, I can’t say enough how thoughtful and caring he was through the whole process, which included the demo and installation, my only regret is that I didn’t get it earlier, Johns expertise was above and beyond. I can’t thank him enough." Marilyn McBeth 

Dealer Support

  • "In today's market we must get cash sales and I am amazed that there are no real hassles with dealing with the Harmar lifts. They have a full line of lifts and install easily with virtually no assembly."   Bruce Bayes 

  • "I recommend Harmar's Outside Lifts to all of my customers. These lifts never fail! They come with a 3-year warranty, which is a great selling feature, plus, the installation is simple. Most importantly, we never have issues with returns or malfunctions. The reliability of Harmars Outside Lifts is second to none."    Bill Shehwen 

  • "As a long-time participant in the DME industry, our company has had the pleasure (and sometimes pain) of working with many manufacturers of lifts, ramps, wheelchairs, scooters, etc. With the need for mobility equipment growing steadily as the senior population grows, it is imperative to our business and to our customers that the products we sell are durable, reliable and have a well thought-out design. This is just one of the many reasons we chose Harmar Mobility as our main supplier of lifts and ramps. Along with the high quality of the mobility lifts and ramps they manufacture, the level of customer service and product knowledge demonstrated by their staff simply surpasses all of the other industry leaders... Harmar listens to the dealers and their customers to insure that the vehicle lifts and ramps they design are the most practical, easy to use, easy to install and durable in the industry. Two Thumbs Up!!"   Shelley Green

  • "Harmar lifts are stronger and simpler than the competition. All of our lifts arrive preassembled and ready to install (some may require minimal assembly, still way less than the competition). All our vehicle lifts arrive in one box, where the competition may arrive in up to 5 boxes. Our lifts can be installed without ever having to actually pick up the lift. They literally install out of the box. Thank all of you so much -- we are just a small business but when we have a request, you treat us like royalty!”    Hughs Scooter Sevice.

  • "Having a complete DME business I have to meet the needs for a large avenue of customers. In doing so it is paramount to have products that are made to a higher standard and quality. Harmar lifts and ramps truly fit the bill. I have sold and personally installed almost all of the Harmar product line and find them to be far superior to anything else on the market. With simplicity of use to easy applications to almost any vehicle, Harmar is the leader in lifts and ramps. Harmar has raised the bar for the industry, and their highly trained and helpful service departments are second to none. Give your customers the best, give them Harmar."  Greg Largent

  • "Harmar lifts are well-built and easy to install. We recommend them to all of our clients and I even use a Harmar lift on my personal car as a delivery tool when I deliver power chairs or scooters."   Richard Emerson

  • "Every phone call that I make to Harmar is met with superior customer service. Salespeople are always so upbeat and happy and I get the sence that they really like their jobs." Michelle Rackley

  • "Harmar Mobility is our one-stop vendor for all of our vehicle lift needs. We have tried other lifts in the past, but none of the others can measure up to Harmar with quality, tech support and knowledge."   Trey Beck

  • "...it has been my experience that the quality of Harmar products is unmatched. We have installed literally dozens of internal and external lifts with zero come backs! We can't say that for any other manufacturer we deal with. I want to praise Harmar on their quality products and their great customer service."  Ray Ramey